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Throne Speech 2016: Building on our Successes

“The top priorities of my Government for this Session of Parliament will be the following: building on the strong foundation of the recent past by investing better and smarter, to achieve strong, sustainable and inclusive growth; creating jobs and investment opportunities for our people; and strengthening national unity.” read more

Pension issues to be resolved in 18 to 24 months

The issue of pensions for public officers who joined the service after 1983, is expected to be settled within the next 18 to 24 months, with the Caribbean Regional Technical Assistance Centre (CARTAC) playing a significant role in the long-outstanding problem. read more

Referendum Bills may carry over to new Parliamentary Session

The Lower House of Parliament on Friday approved a resolution that will provide for the 7 Referendum bills to be carried over in a new session of Parliament, in the event that the current session is prorogued before the Referendum results are ready for presentation to the Governor-General Dame Cécile La Grenade. read more
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