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Peter David Appointed as NNP’s Assistant General Secretary

Peter David
Peter David noted that although many persons may be trying to “divide the Party,” this will not work. He even made mention of changing the NNPs political symbol from the House to a Mansion, claiming that the House is too small for the people coming in, as he is of the firm belief that the NNP will win all 15 seats in the next General Elections. read more

NNP Supporters Warned

Supporters of the New National Party (NNP) have been warned to cease from engaging in activities that can bring embarrassment to them and the party. read more

Jamaica’s PM to address NNP Convention

Jamaica’s Prime Minister Andrew Holness will be the featured speaker when the ruling New National Party (NNP) led by Dr Keith Mitchell holds its annual convention on Sunday, under the theme “NNP building our country and uniting our People.” read more

NNP Top Achievements Queried by the NDC

As the New National Party (NNP) celebrated 4 years of being in office on Sunday 19, February 2017, the National Democratic Congress (NDC) clamped down on the Government’s highlighted achievements for the duration. read more

Official Statement

“Prime Minister Hon. the Rt Dr Keith Mitchell has thanked former Minister Hon. Alexandra Otway–Noel for her services to the government, following a joint meeting to discuss her expressed wish to continue her representation as an MP of St George’s South.” read more

Sophistry vs. Political Reality

“Politics has its own reality, quite separate from how passionate we believe in, or wish for, another reality. We have the option of either accepting or rejecting that political reality.” read more
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