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CCJ to Rule on Presidential Term Limit in Guyana

“On 22 February 2017, the Court of Appeal in Guyana, in a split decision upheld the decision of the High Court that the legislation which was passed by the National Assembly (Guyana’s Parliament) in 2001 to limit the times that a person could become President of Guyana to 2 terms was unconstitutional.” read more

In Defence of the Judiciary

In 1967, Trinidad calypsonian, “The Mighty Cypher” won the calypso king competition in Trinidad with one of his songs being: “If the priest could play, who is we.” read more

Certain convicted persons need a second chance

“Whilst most of these convictions are for minor offences which they perpetrated during periods of youthful indiscretions, these persons come to the stark realisation that blemishes on their police records negatively affect their future ambitions.” read more

Does the Rights Bill Promote Same Sex Marriage?

“From the beginning of time, there seems to be no doubt that societies in general developed a patriarchal mindset. This mindset conditioned people to accept the authority of males over females with the overriding assumption that females are in subordination to males.” read more

Assessing the Public Mood on the Referendum Bills

“The Bills which appear to be firm favourites for approval on Referendum Day are Bills Nos. 1, 2 and 6. These relate respectively to the CCJ, Elections and Boundaries Commission and Rights and Freedoms. Bill No. 5 relating to the Name of State is gathering up significant support and has the potential to become a firm favourite.” read more
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