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In Defence of the Judiciary

In 1967, Trinidad calypsonian, “The Mighty Cypher” won the calypso king competition in Trinidad with one of his songs being: “If the priest could play, who is we.” read more

Crackdown on Breeding of Dangerous Dogs

“The Dangerous Dogs Legislation came into effect since 2002, and a clause was included to stop the breeding of dangerous dogs in Grenada. It therefore means that there should be no puppies or young dogs, and we are seeing a proliferation of young dangerous dogs among homeowners.” read more

Certain convicted persons need a second chance

“Whilst most of these convictions are for minor offences which they perpetrated during periods of youthful indiscretions, these persons come to the stark realisation that blemishes on their police records negatively affect their future ambitions.” read more

Response to Claudette Joseph

“To say that ‘gender’ in its definition includes ‘transgender’ is the same as saying that ‘national’ in its definition includes ‘transnational’ — it does not.” read more

RGPF Appealing to Bus Drivers

“The Royal Grenada Police Force is appealing to drivers involved in the strike action, to refrain from causing obstruction to traffic and threatening or restricting passengers from boarding or traveling on the buses that are continuing to provide a service to the commuters.” read more

RGPF Concerned about Speeding

“Traveling at a speed greater than what the law specifies, is not just a disobedience of the laws of the road, but also an endangerment to the lives of commuters and other road users.” read more
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