Certain convicted persons need a second chance

“Whilst most of these convictions are for minor offences which they perpetrated during periods of youthful indiscretions, these persons come to the stark realisation that blemishes on their police records negatively affect their future ambitions.” read more

Trump & Grenada’s Referendum

“In quick retrospect, 2016 seemingly was dominated by 2 things: internationally, the United States presidential election; and locally, as usual, politics — primarily, the attempt to reform the constitution that led to the holding of a national referendum on 24 November.” read more

Selflessness, generosity symbolize Fidel and Cuba

“Cuba and Fidel have made it possible for poor Grenadians to obtain a university education in the fields of medicine, engineering, economics and so on. These professionals have played a critical role in the socio-economic transformation of our country. They have made a significant contribution to our economic advancement.” read more

Grenada Constitution Reform: Voting with Conscience

“In the genuine spirit of goodwill and in good faith, the counsel on voting with conscience is synonymous with the imperative of making an informed and correct vote; but this can only be possible when morals, wisdom and understanding are applied to credible information.” read more

Litter at Pearls Airstrip

“We ask: was anyone responsible for cleaning up after the drag racing? If not, why not? If so, why did they not do their job? Were they paid to dispose of litter, or just to spread it over a wider area? It extends well beyond the compound, down to the river.” read more

Sophistry vs. Political Reality

“Politics has its own reality, quite separate from how passionate we believe in, or wish for, another reality. We have the option of either accepting or rejecting that political reality.” read more

Response to Claudette Joseph

‘Our “passionate plea” was for sexual orientation and gender identity to be added as prohibited categories of discrimination — proposals which were rejected by the CRAC.’ read more
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